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In Guadeloupe : Town Of Sainte-Anne

   Cock fights, oxcart-pulling and traditional sailing all have a large number of practitioners and fans alike.

   The Pitt, a large hanger located at Fouché, is renowned all over the island for its cock¬fights, generally held on Sundays all day long, from November until July 31st.

   Oxcart-pulling competitions are an opportunity for farmers to get together and to display their bulls.

   They are becoming more and more popular with the general public and each year more tourists find their way to the sites where the competitions are being held.

   The "marché du terroir", the night-market which is held each Thursday at Valette, the flea-market every third Sunday of the month, hikes, tourneys and traditional spots competitions are all occasions to meet and mingle with the locals.

    Celebrations, sports events, shows and expositions are also part of life in Sainte-Anne The appreciation of Sainte-Anne by tourists and Guadeloupeans alike, are the result of a collective campaign of both local associations and the active implication of the inhabitants.


   You know, Guadeloupe is composed of 7 islands.

   You have a lot of small islands that you can visit like "ilet caret", ilet du gosier" or "ilet de pigeon".

   Moreover you go in dominica ( the islands of 8 Vulcanos), Saint-marteen or Saint bart.


July-August : Gwo ka (traditional drums) festival, patrons festival, beach-volley competitions, beach-hand, ping pang beach, arts and crafts forum, vacation activities (for 6-15 year olds), swim by night (animation).

November : Fête de Modette with the IS km of Modette (bicycle race) and oxcart- pulling competition.

December : During the manifestation "Sainte-Anne Ville en fête et en lumière", Christmas market by night, gospel concerts, Chanté Noël (traditional Christmas singing), Fireworks dis- plays "les nuits explosives", the most important in the Caribbean. -

February : Carnival.

March : Grands-Fonds bicycle race. 3

April : Grands-Fonds rally, cross-country, local events.

May : Traditional wagon rides, traditional sailing.