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Le jour de mon aniversaire, les élèves m'ont fait une petite surprise. Merci

12 good reasons to work with “Academy langues et Cultures Internationales : Academy LCI”

  1. Students stand a written test online one week prior to their arrival, saving time on Monday morning.

  2. Oral test will take place earlier on Monday morning at 7H40, a gain of about 20 minutes time.

  3. Each class has a maximum of  8 

  4. Private lessons are charged 39 euros instead of 45 euros. Optional lessons and activities within the school are charged 10% less for two weeks, and 20% less for four weeks.

  5. Airport transfers to school cost 35 euros instead of 50 euros.

  6. Students will no more have to walk kilometres to reach school. Several meeting points have been set up: From Monday to Friday: 7H30; 11H40; 15H30. In addition: Monday and Wednesday: 17H30. Friday : 22H

  7. They can enjoy the quiet countryside to study, walk around and enjoy the landscape, with a magnificent view of the surrounding islands and to profit from an exceptional Guadeloupean flora. Moreover, with the various transfers offered, they have access to numerous beaches (La Toubana Hotel, Club Med, central beach).

  8. At night, the central beach is lit up until 11 pm. Some restaurants host live bands, bars are open and they can play pools at Karibik bar. Moreover, our driver is at the students’ disposal for evening activities (night club, cinema, casino, concert...)

  9. Downtown, sandwiches usually cost from 2.30 to 4.50 euros, salads from 4 to 8 euros, meals from 7 to 20 euros.

However, our catering service “Marie-Claude Délices” offers all sandwiches at 2.70 euros, salads at 3.50 euros or 4 euros with extras (meat, ham...), creole meals at 7 euros (with 2 choices of meals every day), and fruits baskets at 3 euros.

Furthermore, the lunch break is longer, and coffee and tea cost 50 cents at school instead of more than 1 euro in town.

  1. Many leisure activities are proposed within the school, and we are currently negotiating reasonable prices for our students for other activities throughout the island. Our driver proposes to visit twice a week both sides of Guadeloupe: Grande Terre and Basse Terre. Each excursion costs 25 euros instead of 50 for about 5 hours. There are usually no fees added or very small ones (for example: 1.50 euros for the entrance of waterfalls).

  2. Students can call their family and friends freely (not on mobile).

  3. The Academy signed a quality contract with the families and our teachers experience and reputation are well established!!!

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