Carribean Islands offer so Many Activities and We Sum up in Two Groups.

Blue activities : it's all with the sea.

Green activities : it's all with the nature.

Blue Activities

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Sea Diving

   Come Discover And Explore Marin Coral Reef. Diving With Scuba-diving equipment or, snorkel and flippers.

   For the place you have so many choices : Reserve, from Fort-louis all the way to "les Saintes"...

   Initiation, exploration, training for différent levels

Sea Excursions

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Tour of The Mangrove and the Islands of the "Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin". 

   Exploring the Coral Reef in a Glass-bottomed Boat. Or...

   Accompanied by a guide, in a 100% transparent boat, see underwater without getting wet, discovering a strange and impressing under water world... Corals, shipwreck, tropical fish...


   Sail through the islets of the lagoon in a small and the large bottom marine bag. Excursions of a few hours, a half-day and day. Discover the pleasure of riding a jetski , accompanied by certified instructors on beautiful water of the lagoon. Feelings and pleasures guaranteed.


   It is ecologic and entertaining, for visits to Pigeon Islands and to explore the rich underwater reserve Cousteau.

   Do an excursion in a Canoe Kayak in the heart of the natural reserve grand-cul-de-sac-marin, the biggest lagoon of French West Indies. Mangrove, coral islands, birds and fish the various ecosystems.

Deep-sea fishing: « Catch and release » fly- fishing and light - tackle.

Surf And Kite Surf:  Navigation in the Lagoon for beginners and advanced level for certified. Rental, safety assured, excursions to other sites.

Boat Rental Or Side Trips And Cruises

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   Motor boat rental with or without a guide, organised your excursions.  

Options: wake-board, mono-ski, water-ski, Sail boat, Rental of sport-fishing, motorised catamaran, towed inner tube, jet-ski, fishing, snorkling. Certified Center for boat. 

Sailboat cruises and mini-cruises all inclusive:

   Cabin cruises to the Island of Guadeloupe and Antigua, dominica, sainte-lucia, brenada, bardados... with a crew on a sailing catamaran.

Or, Accompanied by an ecotouristic guide. Come and experience an extraordinary eco-hike in the heart of the mangrove and the Grand cul de sac marin la¬goon. You will dicover all of this on a VTT des mers

Aquarium And Museums

Aquarium of Guadeloupe : Discovering the marine flora and fauna of the Caribbean.

Museum: Exhibiton about cetaceans and turtles.

Green Activities

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Trekking On Horseback

   Outings on horseback, near the seaside and bathing with the horses, trails in the forest, by rivers, waterfalls and surrounding farmlands.

   Lessons and training.

Parks And Gardens

    Tours of banana, coffe and vanilla plantations, discover a rare, limited production, world renowned coffe, see the harvesting and taste the coffe. Also visit the restored 19th C .. Bonifierie.

   Discover Botanical and animal garden created in a property that used to belong to Coluche. Lien.

   Share the thaï philosophie influences a garden: ornemental plants, fruit trees indigenous plants are to be discovered. Workshops are organized. Fruit juices, ice cream made with local fruit are served or,

   Explore a large colonial home, dating from the 18th C in the heart of a 6-hectare estate, with many orchids and rare parfumes. Let yourself get enchanted by the magic of a unique spot in the Caribbean and plunge into the heart of Guadeloupe's history and the fragrance of yesteryear and,

   learn about so many traditions to do with the french caribbean garden. Knowledge is transmitted and shared so that it will live on or

   Find ouf all there is to know about soustainable aquaculture, from the hatchery to the end product. Basic guided tour, line fishing, hosts' table menu (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday midday), produce sales (giant river shrimp, Caribbean sea bass, creole mullet, lobsters)

Professional Guides, Canyoning

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Hiking on the top of vulcano

   Hiking under a supervision of an ardent and active supporter of ecotourism. Whose aim is to protect, save and promote the natural, historical and cultural heritage through activities in the heart of nature in Guadeloupe and in the caribbean islands (Les Saintes, Marie Galante, Dominica, Ste Lucia, Cuba,...).

So many activities you can do : Lien

  Canyoning, all types of hiking (hiking on foot in the mountains and tropical fores, hiking from the summit of the Soufrière volcano to the most secret rivers in the heart of the National Park...), bivouacking in a hammock from one to 3 nights, " Robinson", Cart ride, mountain bikes, quad, 4x4 trecks. you get served! and also...

Airborne Activities :

Flight over Guadeloupe piloting school, aircraft rental, " first flight", initiation.

Adventure Park : Adventure park in the tropical forest. Five tracks of 800 m of Tyrolean. Circuit of over 50 tree-to-tree installations (foot bridges, Tyrolean slides, monkey bridges etc). And...

Golf : Courses that are ideal for all levels of competence (18 holes)

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