The Building And The Employees In Guadeloupe

In Guadeloupe

The New Building

   The school is located only 4.5 km from the town centre of Sainte-Anne, away from the urban noise thus more suitable for learning.

   There is a bus stop only 200 meters from the school, which makes it possible to reach Pointe à Pitre (main city), Sainte-Anne or Saint-Francois easily.

   On the right of the school there is a view on Marie-Galante Island. And after a 10 to 15 mn walk, one can enjoy a beautiful beach called « l’Anse à Saint », with the sight of the other side of the island « Basse-Terre ». One can reach the beach by following a short track or by walking across a small tropical forest with various fruit trees to be discovered (mango trees, sugar cane, guava, banana, « surelle », « surette » …), as well as crab holes and mangrove swamp ( a unique environment with specific fauna and flora).

   The setting of the new school offers the opportunity to discover the rich Guadeloupian countryside in one single place.

   The school has up to 7 large classrooms. The premises are new and windy thanks to the sea breeze. However, in order to satisfy our students’ requirements, 4 of our classrooms have been air-conditioned.

   They are generally equipped with a large table, chairs, a whiteboard, a cupboard, a CD player and five of them have a TV set and a DVD player. The school has a computer-room with four computers with free access to Internet and Wi-Fi, a video-projector, camcorder and a library. There is also a garden and a spacious kitchen.

   Balls are available for students to play football, volleyball, tennis table, pétanque, beach volley-ball … for their mere entertainment.

   Students are accommodated within a radius of around 6 kms from the city centre, which is an opportunity to take advantage of the conveniences (post office, bookshop, town-hall..) and pleasures of town (bars, restaurants, beaches…).

   All transfers are provided by our school taxi (from the airport to their accommodation place, from town centre to school, from school to town centre).

   Lunch is provided by « Marie-Claude Délices » our catering service. You will be able to choose various sandwiches, salads and Caribbean food.

The Employees

All employees are graduate and have expérience.

Guadeloupe School