To my ex- students

I wish to thanks you for your open mind.

I loved working with you and I hope that you liked my teaching and that it will serve you.

I would like to thanks some of you in particular, those who helped me to open my mind on particular points, such as accepting flowers (she will recognize herself), or celebrating my birthday. Muriel thanks for the photographs (though I don’t think I am pretty on them…).

I had such a good time with all of you and I wish to offer you more choice.

You will see that I have improved the service a lot by adjusting activities inside the school. It is true that the surroundings allow it!!!

Moreover, profit from our promotion and offer to at least 5 friends of yours 15% less until the 15 of october, in order to win 2 weeks of free semi-intensive courses!!!

Myself I love the new premises!

To agencies

Thanks to the agencies that believed in my school and allowed me to receive students.

I kept my promise and I fulfilled my engagements towards the students.

I will keep on giving the best of myself so that our partnership goes on in the best conditions.

To my partners

Thanks to my partners who allowed me to offer a service of quality to my students.

A particular thanks to my owner who trust in me, to the host families who answered to my requirements, to our guide driver for his patience and his passion for serving the students, to Marie-Claude for her delicious meals, and to all our other partners for the activities.

i hope we'll continue our collaboration

Very good anniversary chez annette